Sidebars and floating images

picture of Christ Church

Picture of Christ Church floated to centre using :figclass: float-centre

This picture is hosted in my gallery and is 650px. You can specify a width of an image through

:width: 400px

Another way is Resizing images in plone

A Sidebar

A sidebar

For more information on using Sidebars see this post by John Paul at Vasudevaservice. Sidebars

Did you know that in the 1960s Oxford City Council wanted to build a motorway through Christ Church meadow. Fortunately it never happened but instead they built the most ugly grey concrete carpark in the centre of Oxford. But I digress. Sidebars are wonderful.


Image of Christ Church Meadow taken today

The image is not floated. Sidebars always float to the right. This is just an entry to experiment with sidebars and floating images.