Spiritual Music

Spiritual music is music that elevates our consciousness and helps us to meditate. I often meditate to spiritual music. It is hard to say why music helps us meditate but it has a beneficial effect on quieting the mind.

Sri Chinmoy says of spiritual music

" Music touches immediately the inner existence, the existence that aspires to become happy and, at the same time, tries to share its happiness with the rest of the world. Music touches the depths of our being and brings to the fore what it discovers there. The melody and the harmony of music are not only giving joy to mankind but are also helping mankind to reach the highest state of consciousness, which is filled with peace, love, joy and fulfilment. "


A great resource for online spiritual music is Radio Sri Chinmoy

I have compiled some of my favourite selections from: Radio Sri Chinmoy

As well as being an accomplished performer Sri Chinmoy is a remarkably prolific composer. He has composed over 17,000 songs at the beginning of 2006. Sri Chinmoy Songs is a website which catalogues his songs.