Meditation Classes


One of the things that the Sri Chinmoy Centre offers is free meditation classes. Meditation Classes are an opportunity for people to learn about meditation and, for those who are interested, to meditate as part of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

I enjoy giving meditation classes. It is an opportunity to share something I have benefited from. It is also good to meet others interested in meditation. People may not follow our meditation path, but it is quite inspiring to meet others and see how meditation can change people's outlook for life. It is a very individual experience and people will get different things from it. But, I have met many who came to our classes and were very grateful for the opportunity to take part. They may not join the centre, but they later remark how it really did change their lives.

The other thing about giving meditation classes is that it really helps your own meditation. Somehow, telling other people how to meditate reminds yourself what you should be doing. You sometimes feel that even if no-one has come, it doesn't matter because at least you have had a good meditation. It's certainly much more enjoyable than teaching economics, which is what I do for a living. I also find that in meditation classes, I can have some uplifting meditations. I remember once a friend was just talking and I felt this great meditative consciousness. I remember telling him afterwards – it really didn’t make any sense, to have a great meditation even though he was talking! But, meditation is sometimes like that; you have a great experience when you least expect it.

Giving meditation classes also helps you understand how interconnected we are. Sometimes in a class, many people will report having a very good meditation – often this coincides with a good personal meditation. When other people meditate well, it benefits everyone. This is also something you feel when you really go deep in meditation – it is an experience that doesn’t belong to you alone, but to everyone because there is this underlying oneness.