Being part of the World Harmony Run


Group photo of WHR at Lark Rise Primary School, Oxford

Recently the World Harmony Run visited Oxford, visiting 3 schools on the first day.

The harmony run team did a very good job of introducing the run. They presented the Harmony Run in a way which made the children feel very much part of it.

It is a very good experience to see the children respond to the runners with so much energy and enthusiasm. Pictures are more descriptive than words and on the harmony run website you can see many photos that capture the positive impression the run creates on those who participate.


Bridge of Sighs, central Oxford. The runners ran past on Saturday morning


Run at Glocester Green on Saturday Morning.


Runners running over Magdalen Bridge

Being a very small part of the run for 2 days makes you feel the runners and organisers deserve tremendous appreciation. Every day presents so many logistical and practical difficulties. Somehow they always seem to get resolved, whilst retaining an atmosphere of harmony. Quite often the runners have little certainty of what they will be doing in the next day or even the next hour. All of the runners have to let go of desire for predictability and certainty. On the harmony run you really have to live by the maxim of living in the here and now.

The European run is now in London and will finish very shortly. The team captain Ondrej has been on the run since March in Portugal, Lisbon. With the team he will have travelled 27,000 Km, through 49 european countries, quite an epic journey!

The message of the Harmony Run is very simple “Harmony Begins with me”

This resonates with so many people because it embodies simplicity but at the same time is very significant and life changing.

The founder of the harmony run Sri Chinmoy says in an aphorism.

“If you can create harmony In your own life, This harmony will enter Into the vast world.”

More photos from Oxford Run