Inspiration Letters - Meditation

It is a bit of cliché to say that meditation is one of those things which is difficult to write about. But meditation does deal with the domain beyond the mind and thought. To explain the experience of meditation is a bit like trying to describe a painting of Van Gogh to a person without sight.

The latest edition of Inspiration Letters does the most difficult thing of conveying a real sense of the mystery and joy of meditation. Sumangali offers a marvellous short piece which inspires through a poetic conciseness of language. Morris introduces the topic very well, Morris has seemingly a great capacity to discuss any subject with good humour in a way that is both engaging and thoughtful. Jogyata offers several illumining insights, it is quite funny to read his experience of working without any receiving any credit.

“…For a moment I grappled with the unholy desire to snatch the nearest microphone from its stand and announce ‘EXCUSE ME EVERYBODY COULD I HAVE YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION FOR A MOMENT PLEASE – ACTUALLY IT WAS ME,…”

All articles offer a unique perspective on meditation. I am also very happy to see an article on good food slipping into an edition on meditation. The importance of good food and successful meditation have many important parallels, or at least this is what many of my good friends tell me.

I look forward to the next edition, perhaps Morris will surprise everyone and produce the next edition in record time of under 2 weeks… Although more realistically we should perhaps remind ourselves that good things come to those who wait.