Poetry and Photo from Coffee Shop

Silence embodies The beauty and fragrance Of harmony.


Love divine Has immortal wings To fly In infinity’s Sky.


Nothing lasts forever My earthly inner turmoil Is bound to cease Sooner or later.


Do not wait for the world To appreciate you. It will never happen. Only try to enjoy God’s Blessings Joy and Pride.)

These are short poems from one of Sri Chinmoy’s latest Service Trees. (unofficial versions because I typed them.)







The photo above is the view from outside the Blackwels Coffee shop in Oxford where I selected these poems this morning.

After several hours on a computer I like to cycle into Oxford and goto a bookshop where I usually enjoy a cappuccino and read poetry. Some poetry you really have to concentrate and even then I don’t always fully understand it but Sri Chinmoy’s poetry is so easy to read.

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