The God of Wild Places

I enjoyed reading this article by Roger called "The God of Wild Places"

"The mountaineer, the adventure racer, the desert explorer, the backpacker trekking in remote mountains or jungles- what is it they are seeking, and why are they seeking it in the extremes of nature and the elements? Undoubtedly there is some "vital urge" in us that thirsts for new and more intense sensations and experiences, even those potentially painful or arduous. But does this urge have its roots in something deeper, a spiritual longing or impulse from the soul?"

Sri Chinmoy has often spoken on the inherent divinity of nature.

  1. Why is it the beauty of nature gives me boundless joy?
Sri Chinmoy: Precisely because the beauty of nature is the expression of the One who is all Beauty. Whenever we see something, we see inside that thing the inner presence, the inner consciousness, of its creator. The Creator of nature is God Himself. He expresses Himself in and through Nature. When we see nature's beauty, we get overwhelming joy because the Creator and Owner is God."

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