'You have to be like a warrior and fight'

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In Indian spirituality, the image of Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield is often used as encouragement to be like divine warriors, fighting for truth and goodness in the battlefield of life.

When our restaurant, Jyoti Bihanga, had only been open for a short time, we were not making a profit yet. I went to New York to ask Guru what to do. Should I declare bankruptcy or something else? I had papers with me with the figures on how much we owed and what our income was and all of that. 

Jyoti Bihanga has now been open for over 35 years, and is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in San Diego

When I asked Guru about bankruptcy, he did not look at any of my papers. He said, "Mahiyan, you have to be like a warrior and fight. Pay this amount." Guru gave me an amount and said, "Pay this amount every month to your creditors."

It was much less than they were asking, but I contacted them all. By divine grace, they agreed to the amount that Guru told me to give. After maybe seven or eight years, the debts were fully paid. The amount Guru had given me was the maximum that we could pay and the minimum that the creditors would accept. It was perfect.

Never allow
Your doubtful mind
To boss you around.
God Himself has chosen
Your faithful heart
To be your only boss.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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