I rely on my inner beings

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As part of his videographer duties, Mridanga would set up automatic cameras in Sri Chinmoy's house, so he could film himself weightlifting when no-one else was around.

This story is about Guru's video cameras upstairs, particularly earlier on. The cameras got a little simpler later on, but particularly in the late 1980’s, it was quite a complex situation to turn them on in Guru's house.

Mridanga explains the video
setup to Sri Chinmoy

For example, Guru would have to turn on the power. I had rigged a switch so all the power would turn on to the cameras. Then he had to turn a dial and press a button. And then he had to crouch right down and twist a dial to turn the camera on. There were many things that could go wrong, many things. In all probability, during the 10 or 11 years that I'd set up cameras all around Guru's house, I only remember twice that there were problems, which is nothing.

I asked Guru once, “This is quite complicated. Is it ever a problem for you?” Because, you know, Guru was in trance often when he was turning the cameras on.

Guru said, “Oh, no, no, I rely on my inner beings. They just tell me what to do.”

I Always Win

Indeed, this is a challenging world.
But I always win.
How and why?
I win because God’s Compassion-Light
Inspires my inner life
Directs my outer life.

Sri Chinmoy 1